11h Blog Finally Back Online

AUBURN, WA — The blog located at is finally back online again after nearly 4 months of downtime.? The cause of the extended outage was a first time homebuyer’s purchase, which required the moving of the datacenter from a one-car garage at a condo to a two-car garage in a house.? Additionally, problems with the server prompted the administrators to set up operations from scratch.? The work of moving into the house plus setting up the servers from scratch combined to result in the delays of the 11h sites from coming up in a timely fashion.

“I guess it didn’t really matter,” says Brian, the administrator of 11h’s Auburn facilities.? “Social networking is all the rage anyway now a days.? Blogs seem to be going the way of Myspace — just abandoned all over the Internet.? I actually feel bad because we lost our 2nd place pagerank on Google for the ‘Who knows what tomorrow will bring’ post.? Maybe googlebot will feel sympathy.”

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