Comcast On-demand

As it turns out, that HDTV of mine will tune to the “on-demand” channels of Comcast. It’s pretty funny seeing what other people are watching.

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About 11h originated from the idea of creating a new wireless networking protocol, entitled eight-oh-two.11H. Essentially, the protocol would address known security exploits in the current “Wi-Fi” and “WEP” standards and allow:

* User-customizable frequency range from 900MHz to 30GHz * Efficient error checking with minimal overhead * Integrated VPN Support

Unfortunately, the Technical Advisory Committee at our University deemed this as impossible for a Senior Project and was rejected.

Since I had already registered the domain name, we decided to call our group the 11h group. 11h later proposed, designed, created, and demonstrated our accepted Senior Project: The MagLev Elevator.

All of our senior project management, content versioning, and

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Bluetooth GPS Navigation

The first Summer I drove from Federal Way to Phoenix for a vacation (2002), I purchased a Magellan GPS 310 handheld unit and a power/data cable from Wal-Mart with my employee discount. I had every intention of taking advantage of Wal-Mart’s liberal return policy as soon as I returned from my trip. I used the GPS receiver along with Eltima Serial Splitter for simultaneous 802.11b war driving with net stumbler and navigation with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2002. Since it worked so well for me, I decided to keep it.

Unfortunately, as of sometime in 2005, the GPS receiver started becoming unusable. Portions of the LCD screen will not appear,

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