Lousy MSN 1000 DSL router

When MSN started their DSL service they handed out the MSN 1000 modem. Turns out, it’s an SMC Barricade router and DSL modem.

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Nokia 6230b Firmware Upgrade

I got my Nokia 6230b back today from the wonderful people at iUnlock. I must say, they provide an awesome service and I highly recommend them to anybody with a GSM phone.

I purchased the nokia 6230b firmware upgrade to version 5.50 (my phone ran Cingular’s 4.43) with decustomization. On Monday, October 24th, I shipped it out via UPS 2-day AM service. On Wednesday, I received an e-mail from iUnlock stating my phone was received, upgraded, tested, and shipped back via 2-day air with a tracking number. On Friday at Noon, I received my phone back. How easy was that. You can’t even get service like that from Cingular (who’s

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Switch to T-Mobile

I went to the misnamed “SuperMall” in Auburn, WA last night with my girlfriend to buy a gift for her friend and some supplies for us.

Of course, the night before, my girlfriend and I were looking at T-Mobile’s plans and the Nokia 6101 online. She needed a flip phone (as much as I personally hate their form factor) because she is somewhat hard on them and needed to better protect the keypad.

So as we’re walking by a store, one of the sales reps at a T-Mobile kiosk asks us “What service provider are you with?”. Taken in by my hatred towards Cingular, I tell him, “I’m with Cingular,

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Cingular Sucks!

While we’re ranting about sucky things on this blog, such as movies, cheap parts, wireless routers, and inconsiderate neighbors, I’m going to rant on how much Cingular sucks!

The only reason I broke my contract with Verizon Wireless was because I had my eye on the Nokia 6230, which is only offered in the US by Cingular. I was also dissatisfied with Verizon due to their lack of good, non-crippled phones.

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1-wire security system

Using cheap PIR motion sensors attached to a 1-wire network to create a security system

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WTF – Nerd alert!

So… I’m on vacation in Canada… What do I do?

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