Why -o- why does Debian and Mythtv suck?

This is day two of getting MythTV setup on a backend server. ?I’ve got the front end working on my Xbox.

I’m really getting frustrated with MythTV and Debian. ?From what I have read, Debian is the preferred choice to install MythTV onto. ?Well, Debian has got to be the worst Linux distro I have used!!! ?DO NOT USE DEBIAN… It’s horribly outdated, very clunky, and no one seems to keep the dependencies up to date. ?If you didn’t install something while it was available, you’re screwed! ?Not even Google cache will help!

I can’t believe that the Nokia 770 is based off of this FPOS distro!

Here’s a little

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yet another nokia 770 post… firmware update

When Brian was at my house a few weeks ago, he used the maemo ‘flasher’ to enable the R&D mode on my nokia 770. Basically, it allows you to do extra functions that you wouldn’t normally do; such as gaining root.

I noticed that the maemo website had a newer firmware ROM image than what was currently installed on my 770.

Because I noticed some problems with the current ROM image, I decided to update the firmware.

My concern was that if I updated the firmware, I would loose the R&D mode. As it turns out, the R&D mode flag is completely indepentent of the firmware update.

Now my 770

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