2nd MythTV Frontend

Like we need another MythTV-Related post. I guess its now so important to Eric & I we have to blog on it though!

Anyway, I’ve had my MythTV system up and running pretty nearly flawlessly for almost 2 months (which works out to 288 recordings in 259 hours and 14 minutes taking up 263 GB of disk space). My system specs are:


Old AMD Athlon 1.666GHz 256MB Ram Slackware Linux 10.2 300GB SATA Hard Drive (to be upgraded to RAID soon) PVR-150MCE PCI Capture Card DirecTV Hughes Receiver connected via SVideo IR Blaster bundled with the PVR-150 to change channels MythTV SVN r9070 (Backend & MythWeb)

Living Room Frontend

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MythTV blues

After trying to troubleshoot some MythTV and system issues this afternoon, I managed to loose my storage raid array. It was really quite stupid. I forgot that you don’t need to make a partition for an md0 device…

For those of you needing further clarification, once a raid array (md device) is created, there is no need to make a partition on it. It _is_ the partition!

When mkfs.jfs /dev/md0 was used, it corrected the ‘partition’ that I created.

So, I destroyed the data on /dev/md0 by creating a partition and then formatting it. No big deal, it’s just TV. Oh wait. The new series of the Simpson’s and Doctor

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