11h's first fabbed PCB!

Finally! 11h has created a professional looking PCB for or current project ‘Party Lights.’ The PCB was fabbed by Gold Phoenix PCB Co.,Ltd through BatchPCB.

The last PCB that we created was a fan controller for Brian’s 240SX. For the fan controller, we used Techniks press-n-peel PCB laser printer transfer sheets. Unfortunately, this method requires LOTS of time and LOTS of patients’. It’s great for students who are low on cash, but have the time and an iron. It’s not really ideal for folks who are looking for something a little longer lasting and nicer looking. Plus, hand drilling the through-hole components or via is a real bother.

For our

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Nokia 6133

The Nokia 6133b (T-Mobile branded) phone is probably Nokia’s best series 40 “flip style” phone to date (Disclaimer: I hate flip phones and well likely never own one myself). It essentially has every feature of the Nokia 6230 except most features have been improved in some manner (which makes sense since this is a much newer phone).

But first the story of why we got it … In the middle of the night, while my girlfriend’s Nokia 6101 was charging on the counter with her Japanese charms dangling off the edge of the counter, her cat decided the phone was a play toy. She managed to knock the phone off

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Creative Zen:m – sweetness

While on a recent shopping trip at Fry’s in Wilsonville – not Seattle – I decided to purchase a Creative Zen Vision:m.

Unlike the Seattle Fry’s, the Wilsonville store had _every_ media player device in working order. It was great to actually use a product side by side – or at least near by to compare. I was able to compare the Zen Vision:m, Zune, and iPod Video.

The screen clarity, resolution, and brightness of the Zen (or ZVM as it is also known) was far better than the iPod. By the looks of the security devices that Fry’s uses, both the ZVM and iPod have been out on display

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