Dead iPod

It really sucks when all of a sudden your digital music player just goes belly up.

My iPod mini did just that Friday evening. It had a good life from 8th June 2005 until 16th February 2007. Of course, I’m pretty sure that I was the direct cause of its demise.

I had the mini in my back pocket and I sat down. The hold switch was activated so that the key press wouldn’t stop the music. When I removed the mini from my pocket, the forward and play/pause buttons where stuck in the ‘pressed’ position. It seemed that the buttons were caught on the aluminum case. I gently taped

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Boston, Massachusetts – Dumbest city … ever.

Or at least it seems to house some of the dumbest people ever. The first on that list would probably have to be Howie Carr. What a tool.

The only exception to the Mass-holes would have to be Tom and Ray Magliozzi – they are cool.

Howie has written a poor excuse for News & Opinion journalism titled “Joke’s on terror-slacker scare ‘Borat’ now.”

Howie, I like ATHF, I’m gainfully employed, I don’t live with my mom, I don’t wear a baseball cap, and I don’t have any tattoos. I’m sorry that pop culture and technology is over your head and most of the Boston public. But don’t over-hype a

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