Using cloop in FreeBSD

There are lots of Linux distributions that have a ‘Live CD’ that allow you to rescue your system or try before you bu… install.

Let’s take a look at Knoppix. It is one of the most popular Live CD’s. In the CD structure of Knoppix there is a file that contains the root file system (rootfs). That file is a cloop image file. Each block is compressed individually which allows decompression on the fly or at a specific point in the file.

This allows a rootfs to be about 1 GB in actual size but compressed it will fit into about 700 MB.

When a system boots from this CD

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Visual Studio 2005

After working with Visual Studio 2005 since before its release, I have compiled a list of “issues” I have encountered with it, and in some places compare these “features” to that of other similar products I’ve used. Note that some of these may have been fixed/changed in Service Pack 1 (but all are valid in its final release, not beta, version), as I have been compiling this list over a long period of time.

Intellisense requires too much CPU. Prior versions were fast and efficient. Eclipse is likewise very fast too on the same machine. I also frequently see “Please wait while the documentation cache is being generated” in the

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w00t! I finally got the Postfix MTA running on my home network! I was using qmail on my old faithful Slackware 9.0 router, decided against using it again since it was a bit complex for my needs. Postfix is simple, very configurable, and lets me use a MySQL database for all of my virtual e-mail clients!

Unfortunately, like most Linux MTA’s, documentation and tutorials that somebody with no formal knowledge of e-mail servers are a bit hard to find. After reading nearly all of the Postfix docs and several random tutorials and howto’s, I finally got a setup that works perfectly for my needs. And I’ll be adding server-side spam

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