How to: Make a cheap monitor stand

A while ago, I picked up a several 17″ LCD monitors for pocket change. They were old monitors from a school district in the Seattle area that had upgraded their computers. The only problem with the screens was that they didn’t have any stands. I’ve had the screens for almost a year and I haven’t used them solely because I haven’t found a stand for them. Today, I finally gave up finding cheap stands and just made some. The following is a quick how to make a LCD monitor stand.

Materials: acrylic sheet (anything larger than 32cm x 12cm and 0.23622 cm thickness) aluminum foil ruler drill drill bits screws

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I'm kicking my ass, do you mind?

Sometimes I wish that I could kick my own ass.

A long time ago, in a far away galaxy, I installed slackware on a hard drive. The thought was that I could use this drive as an emergency drive to power-on and back-up dying systems or resurect dead ones. So clever I was that I setup a very generic kernel to ensure that it would boot on any system. So clever I was that I changed the boot image from vmlinuz to vmlinuz.old and then changed lilo.conf to boot from vmlinuz.old. It took me five kernel compiles to catch on… Hint, the Linux 2.6 ‘make install’ copies bzImage to vmlinuz

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Offline?! Burning?!

Offline. what?! My server, offline?!

“No way” I said to my self while traveling in France when trying to log into my server. There’s no way a fully redundant server has failed. UPS, dual CPU, hardware RAID5 with hot-spare. Down. Out. Not responding.

Thanks to Brian, I was finally able to move my file server out of the rack to a location where I could work on it. After a few minutes of debugging, I finally figured out why the server had failed:

Yes, I know that it is 2008. Yes, I know that ISA is extinct. I love old hardware. I like to recycle old things and bring them

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