no network provider accepted the given path

I received the following error today when trying to open a samba share on a FreeBSD system from a clean Windows Server 2003 install:

“no network provider accepted the given path.”

“PC LOAD LETTER, what the fsck does that mean?!” I thought to myself. After some digging, I found that the default LAN Manager authentication level is set to NTLM response only and not LM & NTLM response.

Fix for the issue:

Administrative tools -> Local Security Policy -> Local Policy -> Security Options

Change: Network security: LAN Manager authentication level

From: Send NTLM response only

To: Send LM & NTLM responses

Solar water heating

I recently created a solar water heater for a pool in France. Since I had a limited set of tools and could not make anything permanent I had to use materials that were cheap and reusable or recyclable. What I ended up with was a 50 meter long by 13 millimeter in diameter irrigation hose.

Plastic is an absolutely horrible heat conductor. Most people who use irrigation hose for solar water heating live in areas where it is hot and sunny and/or does not get very cool. Or they do not care about the absolute best efficiency of their solar collector.

Even though I knew that plastic is a terrible

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Pinball: France has a pinball machine!

I’ve been traveling recently and on my travels I have searched for pinball machines, however none have been found. Until now!

I was in France last November and during that time I never saw a pinball machine. Of course I didn’t travel too far out of the Gard d├ępartement.

Three weeks ago I flew to Taipei, Taiwan to give a presentation on some Open Source software and some additional software that I wrote for SGPIO (SFF-8485). When I was in Taipei I didn’t see any pinball machines. I did see lots of iPod knock-offs in the electronic markets though.

And now I’m on vacation in the South of France; I

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