please insert correct map disc

Well, I made that error appear because… I’m an idiot.

That’s an error that can be displayed on a Toyota/Lexus MFD after changing the map region in a service menu.

I managed to select one that’s not for the disc I have. ?This setting stays in flash in the navigation unit, which has a battery backup. ?In order to ‘re-set’ the navigation unit, it must be dismantled and a board that has the battery must be disconnected.

My many thanks to htmlspinnr from priuschat who described the processes perfectly.


Remove rear plastic cover by pulling plastic retaining clips/pins. I found two flathead screwdrivers helped with this. Remove

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New laptops, BBC, IT Crowd, iTunes backup

I am currently preparing for a data migration from my current laptop to either the same laptop with a re-freshed Windows XP install or a new laptop with a fresh Windows XP install. The IT guy helping me with a failed forced update patch had the same reaction to my system as Derek did to Chip’s system and suggested that I migrate.

The only real thing I care about on my laptop is my iTunes (yeah go ahead, make fun of me) library.

In the process of the preparation for a new system I have been re-organizing my iTunes library to make it smaller so that the migration would not

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