Down with Neighbors

What’s worse than a person with an undetected sleeping disorder (Read: I get too much sleep)? Someone who can’t stay asleep because the people who live underneath only yell at their kids late at night. I can count about three times where I was awoken near midnight from the parent randomly yelling. Not to mention noises of something hitting the wall hard, and doors slamming shut. Apparently I’m not the only one affected by this. Perhaps further action is requied?

7 comments to Down with Neighbors

  • erich

    How’d you get a PDF of the letter that I wrote? That was a sweet letter. I write better when I’m really, really, angry.

    It’s too bad that they moved out before we could kick them out. Of course we also moved out too… but still.

    I’m going to guess that they couldn’t afford the apartment and UD forced them out. Ha ha.

  • Just remember – If it passes through my server, perhaps it stays on my server 🙂

  • erich

    Oh yeah… I guess since it spooled before printing. At least you have a copy of it. I can’t seem to find the word doc of it any more.

  • Did you check your old hard drive image on resource?

  • erich

    No. And I probably won’t

  • Caleb

    Bwahahaha, that’s priceless! Care if I give that to a friend who’s experiencing almost the exact same issue?

  • Yeah, go for it. The worst that’ll happen in Federal Way is that you’ll get shot, right?

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