Pinball: France has a pinball machine!

Terminator 3 pinball in Montpellier, FranceI’ve been traveling recently and on my travels I have searched for pinball machines, however none have been found. Until now!

I was in France last November and during that time I never saw a pinball machine. Of course I didn’t travel too far out of the Gard d├ępartement.

Three weeks ago I flew to Taipei, Taiwan to give a presentation on some Open Source software and some additional software that I wrote for SGPIO (SFF-8485). When I was in Taipei I didn’t see any pinball machines. I did see lots of iPod knock-offs in the electronic markets though.

And now I’m on vacation in the South of France; I flew from Taipei to the Pacific Northwest to Amsterdam to the South of France in less than two days. Roughly 12,000 miles in 48 hours. And I wasn’t even jet-lagged!

I had just about given up on keeping an eye out for pinball machines in foreign countries until last night when I was walking around Montpellier with some friends. There it was. A Terminator 3 pinball machine. Unfortunately, I did not notice which bar it was in!

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