please insert correct map disc

Well, I made that error appear because… I’m an idiot.

That’s an error that can be displayed on a Toyota/Lexus MFD after changing the map region in a service menu.

I managed to select one that’s not for the disc I have. ?This setting stays in flash in the navigation unit, which has a battery backup. ?In order to ‘re-set’ the navigation unit, it must be dismantled and a board that has the battery must be disconnected.

My many thanks to htmlspinnr from priuschat who described the processes perfectly.


  • Remove rear plastic cover by pulling plastic retaining clips/pins. I found two flathead screwdrivers helped with this.
  • Remove 4 8mm/philips screws, 2 on each side retaining ECU.
  • Remove 4 harness connectors at front of driver’s seat.
  • You’ll need to spread bracket just a tad in order to dislodge the ECU from the bracket.

Open NAV ECU, perform “fix”:

  • Remove 8 screws from the bottom of the ECU.
  • Cover is held in place by 1 tab on each side that fits around a small bump on the top cover. Using a small flathead screwdriver, spread the cover at the bump. The ECU cover should then tilt up and come right off.
  • With the plugs at the front, the left board is the NAV logic, and the right appears to be the AVC-LAN interface and power supply. There is a ribbon cable separating the two. These boards should lift right out, as the cover screws are holding them in place.
  • At whichever location is easiest, lift the retaining clip at one end of the ribbon cable connecting the power supply board to the “logic” board, then gently pull the ribbon cable free. This effectively disconnects the battery backup from the ECU.
  • I also spotted a black momentary switch on the power supply board. This may also be a reset/backup power interrupt, however being a multi-layer board, I couldn’t easily follow the traces to double-check. For safe measure, I press and held this for a few seconds as well.
  • Re-insert the ribbon cable, ensuring that it’s aligned correctly. Push the retaining clip back down to secure the cable.
  • Replace the boards, ensuring that the boards fit onto the alignment tabs. The power supply board was a bit tricky here.
  • Replace the cover. I found that securing the screws over the power supply board first helped to keep it aligned as mine wanted to pop out of place.
  • Replace the ECU, reversing the steps of removal.
  • Power on. You’ll see on the NAV screen: Loading application, do not power off.
  • I then saw the “Agree” screen. Success!

Interestingly, when I re-applied power to the navigation unit, the default GPS location was 1374 Pennsylvania Ave NW.

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